Company profile: Tororo Cement Ltd

Tororo Cement Ltd manufactures and distributes cement and other materials used in construction. It is one of Uganda’s largest industries, manufacturing about 1.8 million metric tonnes of cement per annum. Other products include galvanised iron, steel products (iron sheets, barbed wires) and nails. It owns and markets New Rock Brand (cement) and Nyumba Brand (steel). Most of their products are used domestically with only 10% exported. Based in Tororo, the manufacturing industry also mines limestone in Karamoja.

Tororo Cement Ltd acquired the manufacturing plant in 1995 when the Uganda Government privatised most of its parastatals. Formerly under Uganda Cement Industry Ltd (incorporated in 1952), the plant in Osukuru sub-county in Tororo district came under the ownership of Tororo Cement Ltd.

Most of the company’s growth has been under the leadership of Brij Gagrani who has been Executive Director since 1999. TCL is currently expanding it production capacity at their 300-acre Osukuru location. The expansion, estimated to cost $25m, is expected to be completed by February 2017. It will involve the construction of additional new eco-friendly cement grinding plant that will see their production rise to three million metric tonnes of cement per annum. The company says it will export 30% of their product after expansion.

TCL has about $20,000,000 in internal reserves.

Total Tax Contribution

900 (direct)
16,000 (indirect)

Key People

Name Title
Brij Mohan Gagrani Executive Director
Hasmukh Kanji Patel Managing Director
Suraj Arvind Patel Investor cum Director
Shah B. T Director
Kanyerezi Timothy Masembe Director
Lau Larsen Director