Coffee exports fall 6% year on year in October even as earnings rise


Uganda exported 209,478 60-kilogram bags of coffee worth $24.23 million in October 2016, a 6.15% decline in volume and 5.97% rise in value compared to the same period last year, according to figures from the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

But there was a 0.25% increase in volume compared to the previous month, September, and a 5.98% rise in value.  A total of 208,956 bags of coffee valued at $22.86 million were exported in September 2016.

Coffee is Uganda’s main foreign exchange earner, contributing 17.76% ($402.63 million) to the total value of exports ($2.26 billion) in 2015.

The European Union is the largest buyer of Uganda’s coffee, accounting for 64.42% of total exports in October. India followed with 10.46%, Sudan with 10.24%, and the United States with 5.25%.

The United States was however the second biggest buyer of the more expensive Arabica crop, with 13.72% of exports. The EU was the largest destination of Arabica, accounting for 69% of exports. The total number of Arabica bags exported was 80,076 at a price of $10.62 million while 129,402 bags of Robusta worth $13.61 million were exported in the month.

In the twelve months to 30 October 2016, 3.30 million bags of coffee worth $337 million were exported versus 3.46 million bags worth $401 million in the corresponding period last year – a 4.62% decline in total volume and 15.96 fall in total value.

Uganda is Africa’s largest exporter of coffee, even though Ethiopia produces more of the crop; the Ethiopians consume most of their coffee.