Top 100 Taxpayers: Total E&P Uganda

Total E&P Uganda is an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of Total S.A which was registered under Companies Act, Chapter 110 on 6th April, 2010. Total E&P is an oil and gas exploration and production company, founded as the operator of Exploration Areas 1 and 1A following the discovery of commercially viable oil resources in the Albertine Region. The upstream company started operations in February 2012 in Murchison Falls National Park where majority of their exploration and production activities are based.

In August 2016, Total E&P was awarded three production licences for Exploration Area 1 of the Albertine Graben region by the energy ministry for the Ngiri, Jobi Rii and Gunya fields. The company was also instrumental in convincing Uganda to build its oil pipeline through Tanzania rather than Kenya, and committed to fund part of the pipeline’s construction.

Total Tax Contribution

Key people

Name Title
Adewale Fayemi Managing Director
Jean-Luc Bruggeman Midstream Project Director
Ahlem Friga-Noy Corporate Affairs Manager
Susan Matovu Human Resources Manager
Anita Kayongo Communications Director