Coffee exports up 21% year-on-year in January

Uganda’s coffee exports in January were 404,673 60-kilo bags worth $48.98 million, a 20.9% rise in volume and 52.5% increase in value compared to the same period last year, according to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

Exports of Robusta coffee, Uganda’s major crop, were 304,787 bags worth $33.97 million. The more valuable Arabica crop fetched $15.01 million for 99,886 bags.

Coffee is Uganda’s most valuable export, accounting for 18.23% of total export earnings in December 2016.

“Coffee exports for 12 months (December-January 2017) totalled 3.54 million bags valued at $371 million compared to 3.60 million bags worth US $ 402 million in the corresponding period the previous year, a reduction of 1.66% and 7.71% in quantity and value of coffee exports respectively,” said the UCDA report.

Most of the exports were to the European Union, which had a market share of 56.13%. Sudan followed with 12.86%, while the USA had a market share of 9.65%.

Uganda is Africa’s largest coffee exporter; Ethiopia produces more, but consumes most of its crop.