Coffee exports up 26.5% year-on-year in April

Uganda exported 326, 232 60-kilo bags of coffee worth $39.36 million in April, figures from the Uganda Coffee Development Authority show.

Compared to the same month last year, receipts from coffee exports rose 26.48% while the number of bags exported fell by 0.17%.

April’s exports comprised of 243,167 bags of Robusta worth $28m and 83,065 bags of Arabica worth $11.36m.

Coffee is Uganda’s most valuable export, accounting for 12.62% ($371.51 million) of total export earnings ($2,942.91 million) in 2016.

In the twelves months to April, exports totalled 3.98 million bags valued at $455 million compared to 3.57 million bags worth $370 million in the corresponding period the previous year, an increase of 17% and 22.97% in quantity and value respectively.

Exports to EU countries totalled 183,881 bags with a market share of 56.37%, followed by Sudan with 55,250 bags (16.94%) compared, the USA with 17,144 bags (5.26%), and Morocco with 14,474 (4.44%). Coffee exports to Africa were 87,076 bags, which was 26.69% of the total.