Coffee exports rise in July

Uganda earned $49.51 million in July from exports of coffee, its most valuable export commodity. The Uganda Coffee Development Authority said a total of 427,204 60-kilo bags of coffee were exported in the month.

Compared to the same month last year, receipts increased by 85% while the amount exported rose by 59%.

The exports were composed of 330,075 bags of Robusta coffee worth $41.92 million and 57,129 bags of Arabica coffee worth $7.59 million.

In the year ending July, exports of the commodity came to 4.35 million bags valued at $513m, versus 3.42 million bags worth $336m in the same period the previous year. This means exports increased by 27.19% while earnings gained 52.84%.

Most of the coffee, 67.39%, was exported to the Europe Union, 13.62% to Sudan, 3.64% to India, and 2.67% to the United States of America.

Uganda is Africa’s largest coffee exporter but is second behind Ethiopia in production.