Karamoja oil discoveries could be ready for licensing in two years — ministry

The petroleum directorate at the ministry of energy and mineral development will continue “studying and analysing” oil seeps in the Kadam-Moroto basin before the area is cleared off for further exploration, according to the ministry’s permanent secretary.

The Kadam-Moroto basin is one of several basins the directorate is currently studying for possible petroleum systems, in addition to the already established Albertin Graben region in western Uganda, Robert Kasande, the permanent secretary, said.

Other basins are the Lake Victoria basin, Lake Kyoga basin, and the Lake Wamala basin.

The basin could be opened up for licensing in the next two years once testing and analytical studies are complete, Mr Kasande said.

“What we have established already is that the basin has a working petroleum system; so what we need to do next is aggressive promotion of this area to be ready for licensing,” said Mr Kasande.

Uganda’s current oil finds from the roughly 40% acreage of the Albertine Graben region under exploration is 6.5 billion barrels, with 1.7 billion of those recoverable, and about 500 billion cubic feet of gas reserves in the same area.

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  1. This is what is trying to keep the old man around, for he does not want to miss the oil dollars!!

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