Company profile: Cipla Quality Chemicals Industries Ltd

CiplaQCIL is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs targeting three major diseases: malaria, HIV/Aids, and Hepatitis B. The company manufactures nine branded generic drugs, six of which are antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, one artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) drug, and two hepatitis B drugs.

CiplaQCIL was established in 2005 as a joint venture between Cipla Limited and Quality Chemicals Limited, a drug importer and distributor founded in 1997 by four Ugandan businessmen and two foreign partners.

In a government-brokered partnership, Cipla Ltd – one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers – joined with a local firm, Quality Chemicals Ltd (QCL), to manufacture antiretroviral and antimalarial drugs locally.

Most of the company’s sales in the year to March 2016, 54%, were to the government of Uganda, while sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 24%, and the Global Fund 22%. CiplaQCIL says it is the only supplier of ACTs and ARVs to the Global Fund that is based in the sub-Saharan Africa region. At their Luzira manufacturing plant, they make 80 million tablets monthly and hope to increase output to 100 million tablets.

The drugmaker’s products are currently distributed in eight SSA countries – directly or by the Global Fund – from one in 2012, while its plant is approved in 12 (versus eight in 2015).

The company’s growth strategy focuses on exporting to more countries, entering new product segments – which would be supported by technology from its majority shareholder, Cipla, and expanding in its existing markets and drug categories.

By 2012, CiplaQCIL was valued at $120 million.

CiplaQCI-manufactured drugs include ARVs (Trioday, Duovir, Duovir N, Efavir, Nevimune), Hepatitis B drugs (Texavir, Tenvir, Zentair) and anti-malarial (Lumartem) among others.

Total Tax Contribution



Over 350 people (2012 figures)

Key people

Name Title
Emmanuel Katongole Executive Chairman (and Founder of Quality Chemicals)
Nevin Bradford Chief Executive Officer
Ravi Reddy Chief Operating Officer
Avinash Patil Quality Control Executive
Ramakanta Panda Production Manager


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