Company Profile: British American Tobacco Uganda

British American Tobacco Uganda (BAT Uganda) is a tobacco company involved in the sale and distribution of cigarettes in the country. Its brands include Sportsman, Rex, Dunhill and Safari.

It is a subsidiary of global company, BAT Investments Ltd which has interests in over 180 countries. BAT Investments has 70 percent shareholding in the company.

BAT Uganda ceased all processing of tobacco leaf at its Kampala plant in 2013. The plant was established in 1949 and its equipment was regarded as too old to produce to international standards. In lieu of replacing the machinery, the company moved all its manufacturing business to related company, BAT Kenya.

In 2014, the company announced that they would not use contract farmers to grow tobacco after it had reduced them by 77.5 percent the previous year.

BAT Uganda become a public company, listing on the stock exchange in 2000. Its stock price had an exponential surge spiking to Shs30,000 per share in February 2016 from Shs 8,525 in September 2015. It has remained at Shs30,000 since.

Total Tax Contribution
Shs 70,661,976,000 (2015)
Shs 73,588,568,000 (2016)
Shs 81,012,000,000 (2017)

Key People


Name Title
Elly Karuhanga Chairman, Board of Directors
Dadson Mwaura Managing Director
Paul Sine Finance Director
Mathu Kiunjuri Head of Trade, Marketing and Distribution
Stephen Katumba Business Reliance and Continuity Manager
Agnes Nantongo Legal Counsel